Students are required to join at least two (2) clubs per school year. Each club is marked out of 10%. In the end it impacts 20% of the final mark per term. There are twenty eight (28) clubs currently active. The contents of the club arena have an array of choices within the fields of physical activity and non-physical activity as seen below. Ideally students should choose one (1) physical activity and one (1) nonphysical activity club.


1. Athletics Club
2. Basketball Club
3. Cricket Club
4. Cycling Club
5. Football Club
6. Sea Scouts Club
7. Table Tennis Club
8. Volley Ball Club
9. Mixed Martial Arts Club
10. Environmental Club
11. Drama Club
12. Community Club
1. Astronomy Club
2. Big Brother Club
3. Business Club
4. Choir Club
5. Chess Club
6. Culinary Club
7. Debating Club
8. Islamic Club
9. Information Technology (IT) Club
10. Interact Club
11. Mathematics Club
12. Photography Club
13. Scrabble Club
14. Spanish Club
15. Science Club
16. Tabla Club

The grading of each student is given by the teacher in charge of the respected club. Most clubs encompasses two (2) teachers; however the Sea Scout, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Cycling, Cricket, Choir and Tabla clubs have a professional coach instructing and grading the students. Marks are given on a scale of four (4) criteria: participation, attendance, enthusiasm, and leadership.
Term 1
Students are required to join two (2) clubs out of a possible 28 club portfolio
Term 2
Students are required to remain within the two (2) clubs whereby an average will be taken from both clubs (will be marked out of 10%). The second 10% is attained from their participation in the Walkathon (3marks), 5K Road Race (3marks) and The Sports Day (4marks)
Term 3
Students remain within all clubs. Marks will be awarded as in Term 1