Out of a staff of 35, this department, whose head is Mr. Yazid Baksh, consists of 16 graduate teachers and one vacant math position at present. Many of our teachers also teach subjects in other departments. A versatile and hardworking group having produced most of our scholarships in past years.

Shahbudeen Ali Math, I.T, R.K, Add Math, Integrated Science
Safieya Ali Math, Add Math, Biology, Integrated Science
Yazid Baksh (H.O.D) Physics, EDPM, I.T, Integrated Science
Joanna Chen Chemistry, Integrated Science
Amanda Hosein Chemistry, Integrated Science, Spanish
Fayad Hosein T.D, R.K
Andaleedb Ibrahim Physics, Spanish
Khadija Ali Math, Integrated Science
Judy Mahatoo Biology, Integrated Science, Tech Ed
Rehana Mohammed Physics, Integrated Science, Spanish
Reza Mohoyodeen Math, Add math
Stacy Ogeerally Biology, Integrated Science, Spanish