One of the largest departments at the school that combines many disciplines and boasts of 17 versatile and hardworking teachers, some of whom also teach subjects outside of their curriculum area of specialty. Our group of very experienced teachers utilize best practices in curriculum and instruction and work collaboratively with dedication and commitment, having produced most of our scholarship winners over the years.

Shahbudeen Ali Maths, I.T, Integrated Science
Safieya Ali Maths, Add Maths, Pure Maths, Applied Maths  
Khadija Ali Maths, Integrated Science
Yazid Baksh (VP) Physics
Joanna Chen Chemistry
Baari Gafoor IT , Maths, Integrated Science , Physics
Amanda Hosein Chemistry, Integrated Science
Fayad Hosein T.D, BMED 
Andaleeb Ibrahim-Hamid Physics, Spanish
Judy Mahatoo Biology, Integrated Science
Esa Mohammed  P.E
Reza Mohoyodeen Maths
Stacy Ogeerally (Acting Head of Dept)  Biology, Human & Social Biology ,Spanish
Cheryl Ramdeen -Mohammed            Maths, IT , EDPM
Karen Roopnarine Biology , Human & Social Biology
Satyam Seetaram                                    Maths, Add Maths, Pure Maths, Applied Maths  
Rehana Sundarsingh  Physics, Spanish