About Co Curricula

Co- curricular activities are the pursuits that students are involved with outside of the classroom. It is a system to contribute a new sense of belonging and motivation to achieve within the mindset of the new generation. Through conducting the external activities it is also our goal to impact on the internal workings of a classroom on the scope of collaboration, communication, leadership and enhanced school life.

ASJA Boys’ College San Fernando discovered the need to create a more well-rounded student to impact the status quo on the society. It came to our attention that students are situated on two hemispheres, either academics with little athletics or athletics with little focus on studies; based upon this fact we are now attempting to bridge the gap to create more holistic students. Students today have many more obstacles to overcome and it is important to establish that the world is not ‘The Smart’ or ‘The Athletically Inclined’ but a combination of both aspects is needed to attain greater human capacity.

The aim of the program is to promote student development on the grounds of: social growth, development of personal initiative, physical progression, cognitive development, encourage and environment of comradery, enhanced resume particulars for employers, college admission and sporting excellence.