JANUARY Monday 8th


School re-opens – Assembly (Welcome Staff & Students)

Form Teachers to meet with students (8:20am – 9:30am)

Normal classes



JANUARY Tuesday 9th


Departmental Meeting (9:30am)

Letters to students inviting parents to Parents Day (Text message to follow)



JANUARY Wednesday 10th


Distribution of Walkathon Tickets

Deadline for entering marks – 2:00pm

Staff Meeting (2:00pm



JANUARY Thursday 11th


Listing of students in Co-Curricular activities posted in classrooms and confirmed by

Co-Ordinator / Copies to Main Office

Co-Curricular Schedule to:  (1)  Principal / Vice Principal

                                                 (2)  All Staff

                                                 (3)  Classes / Halls

Student Council Meeting (11:00am – Library)

Heads to ensure entry of marks from Departments on System – Any irregularities should be reported to School Administration in writing by 1:30pm



JANUARY Friday 12th


Scheme of Work to be given to HOD by Teachers at 10:00am

Return of Scripts to students completed

Reports to Main Office



JANUARY Monday 15th


Mr. Dookran / Ms. Chen to submit Prefect Body Programme for Term II

New Prefect selection process to be started

Start of Co-Curricular programme

School Projects – Mid Term Evaluation – assigned to students & copies to HODs



JANUARY Tuesday 16th


Parent Day Forms 1, 2, & 3 (Term Reports to be given to parents (Surnames A-M – 8:15 to 11:30am) and (Surnames N – Z – 12:30 to 2:30pm)



JANUARY Wednesday 17th


Parent Day Forms 4, 5 & 6 (Term Reports to be given to parents (Surnames A-M – 8:15 to 11:30am) and (Surnames N – Z – 12:30 to 2:30pm)

Please note respective Form Deans should have comments / reports to Form Teachers as per class list for parent information

Class lists are available at the Main Office

Appointments carded later on / if necessary



JANUARY Thursday 18th


Lists of school projects to classes – submitted by Departments / Heads of Departments to School Administration



JANUARY Monday 22nd


Start of Inter–Class Cricket

Launch of School Walkathon Week “It is Your Life / Act Responsibly Fight Non Communicable Diseases with a Healthy Lifestyle”

Class Meetings (1J, 2J & 3J – 3:30pm)



JANUARY Tuesday 23rd


Class Meetings (1A, 2A & 3A – 3:30pm)



JANUARY Wednesday 24th


Class Meetings (1S, 2S & 3S – 3:30pm (Collection of Walkathon Tickets)



JANUARY Thursday 25th


School Talent Showcase – “It is Your Life / Act Responsibly Fight Non Communicable Diseases with a Healthy Lifestyle”

Forms 1-3 (8:30am – 10:00am) School Auditorium

Forms 4-6 (10:30am – 12:30pm) School Auditorium

Form Teachers to guide and monitor class presentations, Skits, Poems, Monologue



JANUARY Friday 26th


Poster Competition completed (Forms 1-6) Vidya Rampersad Maharaj / Panel to adjudicate



JANUARY Sunday 28th


School Walkathon 2018 and Health Clinic – 7:30am



JANUARY Tuesday 30th


Class Meeting (4S, 5S) 3:30pm



JANUARY Wednesday 31st


Class Meeting (4BSI, 4BSII, 5BSI, 5BSII) 3:30pm



FEBRUARY Thursday 1st


School Projects collected

*Please note that Projects / Deadlines should be structured for completion by   HOD / Teachers to allow for proper presentations / marking / collection.  HODs should co-ordinate so that students would have less difficulty in submitting their work.

Form 1 Parent Meeting – 8:30am



FEBRUARY Monday 5th


House Meeting – Sports Day  – 9:30am



FEBRUARY Friday 9th


5K Road Race



FEBRUARY Monday 12th





FEBRUARY Tuesday 13th





FEBRUARY Thursday 15th


Form 4 Parent Meeting – 8:30am



FEBRUARY Tuesday 20th


Form 2 Parent Meeting – 8:30am



MARCH Monday 12th


Tug of War Preliminaries – 11:45am)



MARCH Tuesday 13th  


Sports day – Skinner Park – 8:45am



MARCH Thursday 15th


End of Term Examinations begins



MARCH Wednesday 28th


End of Term Examinations ends



MARCH Thursday 29th


Term II Ends



APRIL Monday 16th


School begins – Term III



APRIL Wednesday 25th


Reports available