The culinary club was designed to give students an opportunity to develop their culinary skills, show greater appreciation of the culinary industry, and encourage ownership of their eating habits and faster independence in their household. Due to the lack of kitchen facilities, the activities designed for the club over the year were limited to what could be done safely in the biology lab, utilizing electrical appliances. Most activities were group based with students’ responsibility for bringing their ingredients/materials. Activities included developing recipes given ingredients, sandwich making, garnishing, beverage making and pelau making.

A successful fish broth sale to staff members was the only fundraising activity for the year. A field trip to the “Taste T&T” expo was one of the highlights of term 1 (November 2011). Students were quite excited to meet renounced chef Jose Garces.
The culinary club hopes to acquire more resources during the new academic year, September 2012. Focus will therefore be on increased fundraising activities as well as acquiring donations.