The business club was started in September 2011 as part of the co-curricular program implemented by the school. It basically attracted students of the business classes i.e. form’s 4’s,5’s and 6. Students were placed in four main groups where every group chose a president and a secretary. The club held sales of items as part of the business activity during term 1 and term 2.

Term 3 saw students involved in more research for potential businesses that could be feasible in the future. The groups met at various individual meetings to decide on items to be sold, prices, date of sale and role of each member. A report had to be made after each sale and this was submitted to the teachers.

Marks were then allocated based on student participation and attendance to meetings. Students were able to acquire various skills some of these included research, techniques in selling/ advertising, presentation and reporting skills. The club was quite successful as the majority of students took part and was able to raise a significant amount of funds.