Upcoming EvEnts

2017 November 20th: Universal Children’s Day

2017 November 24th: Co-curricular comes to end

2017 November 25th: Mini Bazaar and 2018 pre-Car Show

2017 November 30th: Term 1 2017/2018 examination begins

2017 December 12th: Term 1 2017/2018 examination ends

2017 December 13th: Annual Student Cookout – Forms Four to Six

2017 December 15th: End of Term I 2017/2018

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Recent events

7th place ASJA Boys’ Culinary Club Entree Dish – Beet infused pasta with coconut cream curry chicken at The Y.I.N.G. Factor’s Chef Intercol: Hidden Chefs- Discover The Chef In You!  on 28th October 2017


National Badminton tournament on 8th November 2017

Under 15 singles – 2nd place: Tian Ramdath

Under 15 doubles – 3rd place :Tian Ramdath and Nadeem Latchan

Under 17 singles – 3rd place : Uzair Omardeen