Upcoming Events

Monday 21st January
Student Council Meeting @ 11.00am
Class Meeting – 1A & 2A @ 3:30pm


Tuesday 22nd January
Subject Teachers completion of signing students’ notebooks.
Class Meeting – 1S & 2S @ 3:30pm


Wednesday 23rd January
Class Meeting – 1J & 2J @ 3:30pm

Thursday 24th January
Mental Health Awareness Showcase – “Positive Mental Health is Choice -Think Life, Treasure Life”
Forms 1-3 8.30am-10.00am School
Forms 4-6 10.30am-12.30pm Auditorium
Form Teachers to guide and monitor class presentations.(Mental Wellness theme if it is a skit, poem, monologue etc)


Friday 25th January
Mental Health Poster (2 per class). Can be used during walkathon.
Competition Results

Sunday 27th January
School Walkathon 2019 – MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS at 7.30am


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Recent events

7th place ASJA Boys’ Culinary Club Entree Dish – Beet infused pasta with coconut cream curry chicken at The Y.I.N.G. Factor’s Chef Intercol: Hidden Chefs- Discover The Chef In You!  on 28th October 2017


National Badminton tournament on 8th November 2017

Under 15 singles – 2nd place: Tian Ramdath

Under 15 doubles – 3rd place :Tian Ramdath and Nadeem Latchan

Under 17 singles – 3rd place : Uzair Omardeen